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LCD buy Back

Screen Surgeon is into broken screen recycling and our aim as a company is to recycle broken, cracked, and damaged LCD screens for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other smart phones.

We pay cash to individuals, mobile repair shops and other vendors for broken screens. Our service is a profitable channel for recycling mobile phone parts with a simple and easy online process.

We are expert in LCD swaps and we ensure all cracked touch screens are properly recycled as per environmental standards designed to reduce e-waste.

Have you been disposing your broken LCD screen before now? Or you have them packed in repair shop? Take this Advantage and earn yourself some Pay Today!

Grab this Opportunity and earn your business today!

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 iPhone 4/4S OEM  £1.00
iPhone 5 OEM (GRADE A) £4.00
iPhone 5 OEM (GRADE B) £2.00
iPhone 5 GEN (GRADE C) £0.00
iPhone 6 OEM (GRADE A) £8.00
iPhone 6 OEM (GRADE B) £6.00
iPhone 6 GEN (GRADE C £1.00
iPhone 6 Plus OEM (GARDE A) £14.00
Phone 6 Plus GEN  £3.00
iPhone 6S OEM (GARDE A) £18.00
iPhone 6S PLUS OEM (GARDE A) £40.00
iPhone 7 OEM (GARDE A) £40.00
iPhone 7 PLUS OEM (GARDE A) £50.00

Samsung Galaxy:

S2 £5.00
S3 £20.00
S3 mini £5.00
S4 £20.00
S4 mini £10.00
S5 £35.00
S5 mini £15.00
S6 £50.00
S6 EDGE £30.00
S6 EDGE PLUS £35.00
S7 £40.00
S7 EDGE £35.00
Note 1 £10.00
Note 2 £30.00
Note 3 £35.00
Note 4 £40.00

**Prices are negotiable depending on quantity**