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Have you been surfing the internet looking for where to get a high quality LCD screen for your smart phone? You are just few clicks away to get it.

Screen Surgeon offers all kinds of Smartphone LCD screen. We have been in business for over 10 years. We guarantee you 100% Quality LCD screens for a very reasonable price.

We know you might say, I have tried many companies yet no result but we will completely guarantee and tell the simple truth that you have never seen anything like our LCD screens before and we promise that you’re going to be absolutely amazed with our service.



iPhone 4/4s  £9.00
iPhone 5 OEM £18.00
iPhone 6 OEM £35.00
iPhone 6 GEN £18.00
iPhone 6+ OEM £45.00
iPhone 6+ GEN £25.00
iPhone 6S OEM £65.00
iPhone 6S GEN £35.00
iPhone 6S + OEM £110.00
iPhone 6S + GEN  £60.00


Galaxy S2 £30.00
Galaxy S3 £40.00
S3 mini £25.00
Galaxy S4 £45.00
S4 mini £40.00
Galaxy S5 £100.00
Galaxy S5 mini £50.00
Galaxy S6 £140.00
Galaxy S6 EDGE £150.00
Galaxy S6 EDGE PLUS £200.00
Galaxy S7 £100.00
Galaxy S7 EDGE £220.00
Note 1 £50.00
Note 2 £65.00
Note 3 £85.00
Note 4 £110.00
Mega £35.00

**Prices are negotiable depending on quantity**